Alerts - Active Screen Monitoring

Alerts - Active Screen Monitoring


On/Off Schedule

Follow these steps to schedule active monitoring of your screens:

  1. Open Digital Signage > Settings
  2. In the Settings page, open the Alerts tab

Excluded Dates


Note for article/video

  • If a parent location does not have a timezone set, the alerts will default to using the time on the server
  • If you separate the email addresses with a line break / a comma / a space / a semicolon. But after saving, it'll show them as being separated by line breaks
  • We'll only automatically create on/off timers for devices which have both on timers and off timers set
  • When the timers are removed from a device, the on/off schedule is removed too
  • If you have multiple webOS devices syncing to the same location, you'll get an email alert when each of them go offline, and you'll only get one email per device
  • If you have multiple windows / linux PCs syncing to the same location, you'll only get an email when all of them go offline. Since they don't send data to the device manager system, we can't differentiate between different windows / linux boxes
  • If there are multiple devices syncing with the same location...
    • If all of the devices have the exact same timers...
      • If they each have an on timer and an off timer, it'll create an on/off schedule based on the timers
      • If they only have an on timer, it won't create an on/off schedule
      • If they only have an off timer, it won't create an on/off schedule
    • If the devices have different timers, it won't create an on/off schedule
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