Basic Linux Commands

Basic Linux Commands

Basic Troubleshooting

  1. If the player is not open, press ALT + F1 and open digitalsignageplayer

  2. Check if the Settings for the location are correct
    • Check Username
    • Check Password
    • Time between syncs: 5 minutes
    • Slides folder 
    • Tick Disable Information Bar
  3. Click Update Slides Now to sync the latest slides

Network Connection

  1. If digital signage is open (full screen), connect a keyboard and mouse and press ALT+F1 or ALT+F2 to view the taskbar and open the settings

Deleting Existing Files

  1. Press CTRL + F1 and search "Files" or "Nautilus"
  2. Open the File Manager
  3. Go to /home/ds/cafemedia/slides
  4. Delete all the files in the folder (ie. slides, index.htm, informationBar.xml, slides.xml)
  5. Click Update Slides Now to sync the latest slides

Still not working?

If there are issues with the app or a specific slide that cannot be resolved using tips above (eg. blank slides), zip all the files saved to the slide folder (see app settings), or zip the relevant slide folder, and forward it to our support team.

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