COVID-19 - Resources & Slide Ideas

COVID-19 - Resources & Slide Ideas


As businesses start to reopen, keeping your staff and visitors safe is a priority.  With Vibe, you can get the latest COVID-19 updates onscreen in near real-time; efficiently and effectively.

TIP #1: Assess your content and decide if you have an existing slide you can simply add to or whether you need a new layout (from the Vibe Marketplace). 

TIP #2: Re-purpose content from resources such as PDFs, emails etc. For example a PDF, like the one shown below, could be added to Vibe.fy in one of two ways:

  1. "Poster" layout
    If you have the Vibe-Poster template and a content stream setup, simply convert the the PDF to JPG (cropping out any headers/footers) and upload the image in Portal > Content Streams.

  2.  "Message Bubbles" layout
    Use a "COVID-19" style background to bring attention to the slide and show each hygiene tip individually using the icons from the PDF. You may need to engage your graphics team to help you save the individual graphics in a hi-res Digital format.

Free Download

If you would like to setup a 'Message-Bubble' slide like the one above, simply:
  1. Download and unzip the attached folder (scroll down)
  2. Create a new slide using the 'Message-Bubble' template

  3. If you need help adding a new content stream for your slide, contact support@vibe.fy.

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