Creating or Editing a Playlist in Admin

Creating or Editing a Playlist in Admin

Add a new playlist

    1. Go to the Playlist Manager under Digital Signage
    2. To add a new playlist:
      1. Click New Playlist

      2. Duplicate an existing playlist 
    3. Enter a label for your playlist

      or click the Edit Icon
    4. Ways to update your playlist:
      • Select from the list of available slides on the left-hand side
      • Re-order the slides
      • Dragging slides into your playlist
      • Renaming your playlist or updating the status
      • Or under the actual slide, click Save/Update Playlists

        TIP: Add the same slide multiple times to increase the number of times it appears on your digital channel.

        NOTE: The total loop time is calculated using the duration setting for each slide.  If an inactive slide is in the loop list, its duration is not included in the total loop time and it will not appear in the real-time view.

    5. Click Save

Assign a Playlist Directly to a Location

You can directly assign a playlist to a Location (if it's not assigned to a 
schedule) by clicking Locations 

Assign a portal user to a playlist

Anyone assigned to a playlist via this setting will have access to edit the playlist in the portal


Other Features:

  • List View Settings
    To find out if a Playlist is assigned to a Schedule or to a direct Location, hover on the icons. Clock icon will show you the Schedules. While the Pin icon will show you the direct Locations:
    Hovering on the Clock Icon

    Hovering on the Pin Icon
  • You can change the status of a playlist on the List view
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