Here are the answers to frequently asked questions from new Vibe.fyi users.

Q - How do I view the content playing on each screen?

There are two ways to view your playlists:
  1. Open Playlists to view a list of all slides currently assigned to each of your locations.
    Watch the 'Playlist' video tutorial on our Vibe.fyi YouTube channel
  2. Open Webview in the portal (Growth & Enterprise plans only)

Q - How do I make my content live (or add new content to a screen)?

There are two ways to 'go live':
  1. Add your slide to one or more playlists in the slide editor (recommended)
    Watch the full tutorial here (or skip to 4:50)

  2. Add your slide to any playlists in the Playlist manager
    Watch the full tutorial here

Q - How do I preview content?

Here are some of the ways you can preview a slide or playlist:
  1. Login to the portal and open your slide. If content has been loaded into your slide, the preview will display any messaging linked to the selected location in the Preview As dropdown:

  2. Open the slide and select the Copy Link view option to get the slide URL (paste into any browser and use F12 dev tools to set the correct resolution)
    Click Fullscreen to preview at a larger size in the slide editor