Fonts (.WOFF files)

Fonts (.WOFF files)

All Vibe Communication templates use Open Sans font by default.

You can not add fonts through the Admin Console or the Portal, however the support team can! Once we've added your font files to your environment, all templates will adopt your fonts.

Design Requirements

  1. Supply 3 x Web-fonts
    1. Heading and Sub heading (Such as; Open Sans Bold)
    2. Body (Such as; Open Sans Regular)
    3. Accent (Such as; Open Sans Italic)

  2. File Format: 
    1. .WOFF
    2. Please ensure that your fonts include the Language Latin-Extended option, as this will ensure that any Māori macrons will appear correctly onscreen.

How do I change the Theme font?

  1. Simply send the font files in the format (above) and the Support team will update your theme.
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