Manage your PDF uploads

Manage your PDF uploads

When you've converted your documents to PDF format, login to your admin console and follow the steps below to upload/manage your documents.
  1. Open Add-On Modules > Document Library > Manage
  2. In the Document Manager, edit the fields to suit and click [Save]
    1. Title - Leave blank (to use the document file name) or enter a friendly title
    2. Date - Enter the last edited or upload date
    3. Categories - Select one or more categories to associate the PDF with
    4. Select Document - Click [Select] and locate the PDF file you want to upload
    5. Status - Set to 'Active'

TIPS:  To replace an existing PDF, open the document (see centre panel for list of documents) and use the Select Document field to find and select your updated PDF, then click [Save].
To delete a PDF, use the centre panel to view a full list of your documents, update the Status dropdown and click [Update Status].

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