Image Gallery (Full Screen)

Image Gallery (Full Screen)

To utilise full-screen imagery, create images by following this guide:
 Image Quality and Dimensions

Layout = Panels

Use this layout option for a straightforward set-and-forget approach to the placement of your caption. Change the colours for: Font, Panel colour & Panel highlight colour.

Layout = Graphic

Use this layout option when you want more control over the design and placement of the caption. 

The overall placement, preset margins, text alignment and animation direction, will give you many possible combinations to suit your requirements.

  • Position = Top-left / Top-Centre / Top-right / Bottom-left / Bottom-centre / Bottom-right
  • Animate = From top / From bottom / From left / From right

  • Text align = Left / Centre / Right / Top / Middle / Bottom

  • Margins = Narrow (25 pixels) / Moderate (50 pixels) / Wide (75 Pixels) / Extreme (100 Pixels)

Bold options = selected by default

Ideas for the Graphic

Create a graphic that compliments your brand. 

  • Use a transparent PNG as the graphic.
    • You have more visual possibilities (you might need to work with your graphic designer to create the correct file)
  • Plain coloured or gradient-filled polygon shapes
  • Icons such as: flag, swish, circle, star
  • Chat or speaking bubbles
  • Brand logo

Asset Download

Take advantage of downloading our default assets as a guide to create your own, if you wish to change them.

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