Information Bar

Information Bar

Use the admin console tools to tailor the default info bar theme design and tailored design by location.

Default global theme

  1. Open Settings > Themes
  2. locate the Information Bar settings and use the Background Color, Image and Text Color fields to set your global default info bar theme
  3. Click [OK] to save your changes
  1. Use the Disable Info Bar Fullscreen Themes checkbox to show/hide all fullscreen info bar theme options in the portal

Default location theme

Use the info bar manager to tailor the design based on the location of your workplace digital signage channel. This is handy when you have different brands or location-specific design requirements.
  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Themes 
  3. Open an existing info bar or create a new one and use the Background ColorImage and Text Color fields to the info bar theme for the selected locations
  4. Click [Save Info Bar]
  1. The info bar padding settings are managed in Add-On Modules > Digital Signage > Settings > Screen Sizes. Use this tool to allow enough padding for any graphic parts in your background image and ensure that text does not show over the top of it.

Design Inspo

Check out our own Vibe webview channel below, the background image in the info bar is an animated gif that just rotates through 3 of our positioning statements. It's attached to this article so you can use it as a base for your own inspiration!

Should you wish to design and add your own image - like our Vibe/Inspire/Connect/Engage animated gif, follow these steps:
  1. Set the global default info bar theme in the Settings > Themes
  2. Set the location specific theme in Info Bars
  3. Set the info bar padding in Settings > Screen Sizes
    1. Landscape Screen Size needs to have enough padding to allow for the graphic part of the image - so that no content will show over the top of it. So in this instance, 450 pixels is added "right padding".

    2. The Portrait Screen Size needs to also be set with smaller padding. This allows for more content to be seen on screen.
      On a Portrait screen, the animated Gif is 'cut off', so that you cannot see it on screen. This is because, the is image is left-aligned. Author comment: Our office doesn't use a Portrait screen. If it did however, I would ensure any required design elements/logo, was positioned to the left of the image, so that it appeared on both Landscape and Portrait orientations. Ensuring that the padding in the Screen Sizes was changed accordingly.

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