Information Bar

Information Bar

The Information Bar displays high priority messages or alerts and can be tailored to show on one or more of your large format displaysscreensaver and/or webview.

Product Tour - Information Bar

Manage information bar alerts

Login to your portal and select Information Bar in the menu
  • To add an alert, select New item

    • Update the settings below before saving your new info bar alert:
      • Image (optional)
      • Text (required)
      • Locations (required)
      • Publish - Tick to show alert onscreen or untick to hide your alert
      • Publish Start/End (optional)- Leave the default settings to start publishing immediately or set a start and end publish date
      • Repeat? (optional) Have a recurring alert? Use this feature to automatically repeat your alert daily, weekly, monthly, fortnightly, monthly or on specific dates
      • Theme (required) - Choose from one of the designed info bar themes or leave as 'Default'

  • To make changes, click or tap an existing alert to Edit
  • To remove an info bar alert permanently, click Delete

Information Bar Themes

Check out the preset designs below for each theme. Each theme has specific settings that can be customised via the admin console.

Ticker "Info"

Ticker "New"

Ticker "Time"

Ticker "Warning"

"Info (Full screen)"

"Emergency (Full Screen)"
TIP: If you have multiple info bar alerts onscreen, use a variety of themes to make each one standout

Design Inspo

You can also design and create an animated gif! Check out our own Vibe webview channel below, the background is an animated gif that just rotates through 3 of our positioning statements. It's attached to this page, so that you can use it as a base for your own inspiration.

Adding a default theme

Should you wish to design and add your own image - like our Vibe/Inspire/Connect/Engage animated gif, follow the following steps.
  1. Add relevant details to Digital Signage Global Settings
    1. This sets a global default design
  2. Add relevant details to  Settings | Info Bars
    1. This sets a default design based on location, which is handy for different brands.

    2. The Landscape Screen Size needs to have enough padding to allow for the graphic part of the image - so that no content will show over the top of it. 

    3. So in this instance, 450 pixels is added "right padding".

    4. The Portrait Screen Size needs to also be set with smaller padding. This allows for more content to be seen on screen.

      On a Portrait screen, the animated Gif is 'cut off', so that you cannot see it on screen. This is because, the is image is left-aligned. Author comment: Our office doesn't use a Portrait screen. If it did however, I would ensure any required design elements/logo, was positioned to the left of the image, so that it appeared on both Landscape and Portrait orientations. Ensuring that the padding in the Screen Sizes was changed accordingly.

Did you know that Info bar items can be locked in the admin console?

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