Manage Document Categories

Manage Document Categories

As your electronic document library grows, you can manage your document categories in the admin console.
  1. Login to the admin console and open Add-On Modules > Document Library > Manage
  2. In the Document Category manager:
    1. Click [New]
    2. Edit the fields to suit

      1. Category Label - Set the category name (e.g. Health & Safety)
      2. Category URL - Use the default or edit for SEO purposes
        NB: This field may only contain up to 50 alpha-numeric characters and hyphens. Any spaces must be replaced by hyphens.
      3. Belongs To - Set the location of the new category in the Document Library category tree
        (e.g. assign to a parent category or leave as 'Root Level' to create a new parent category)
      4. Category Image (optional) - Set the category icon (ideal for parent categories)

    3. Click Save
TIPS: To edit an existing category, locate and select your category (in the Select Category section) and edit the properties in the Edit Categories section above.
To delete a category, locate and select your category (in the Select Category section) and click [Delete].
NB: Before you delete a category, ensure that the category is empty (i.e. move all documents to a new category).

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