Slide Inspo

Data Template Tips

The .XLSX template contains the following columns and sheets for entering your 'Podium - Top 10' data:

Sheet 1: 
  1. Group (required) - Use this field to group your placegetters - people/brands/stores etc. 
  2. Name (required) - Enter the top place holders (up to 10)
  3. Result (optional) - Add more details (e.g. a score, sales result...) Note:  column should have the result written with a ' (comma) in front to prevent Excel from reading it incorrectly. e.g. ['100] 
Sheet 2: 
  1. Group (required) - Enter the same Group name(s) used in sheet 1
  2. Image (optional) - Assign a custom image to each group (e.g. logo)

Column names should not be edited or removed. Leave cells blank rather than remove them.
See Data Entry Tips for info on how to reference images.

Asset Download

Take advantage of downloading our default assets as a guide to create your own, if you wish to change them.


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