Create a Social Media Mashup (webpage)

Create a Social Media Mashup (webpage)

  1. Create a social media feed in the admin console

  2. Then, open Content > Editor and add/open your Social Media Feed page
  3. On the Social Media Feed page, add a Social Media Display Feed module

  4. Open the Social Media Display Feed module module settings and:
    1. Select a Feed
    2. Set the Display Style (Custom, Classic, Expanded, Panoramic or Solo)
    3. Check Dynamic Updates to auto refresh the feed
    4. Set the Update Frequency in Seconds 
      TIP: The optimal setting for websites is 300 seconds (5 minutes)

  5. Publish your changes and right click on the page in the site tree to locate the URL
The custom display style is a fully customised feed that includes the following editable fields:
- Items to Display
- Show an Image Background
Use Masonry (works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space)

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