Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Downtime alert from portal

We are able to see if the Screen is down from the portal 
  1. Login to portal and check for Uptime report column.
  2. If there is a warning symbol near the uptime report means there is screens that are not connected

  3. if all screens are connected back online the warning symbol will disappear.                                                                   

Uptime report

The Uptime Monitoring report displays all the devices that are syncing, not syncing, and have never synced in your environment. This includes Linux players, Windows players, and LG WebOS devices.

The 'heartbeats' of the devices that will be considered offline are:
  1. 3 minutes for WebOS devices
  1. 10 minutes for Linux & Windows players
The uptime monitoring report is also available to view even if you're not logged in the admin page.

For WebOS screens, the Device Friendly Name is the primary label under the Uptime Monitoring

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