Virtual "Vibe Assist" Assistance

Virtual "Vibe Assist" Assistance

Invest in this bespoke service designed to keep your content current, fresh and focused!

Consider how well your business will benefit from having a strong company culture and an engaged workforce, driven through effective communications - this service is invaluable!

Your Vibe Assistant (VA) will gather, organise, edit, design and publish content at your request on Vibe.
They are essentially...
Staff Liaison
Your VA will liaise with your departments to coordinate communication material for your Vibe channels.
Your VA will ensure your content is 'snack-able' and most importantly, relevant to your Vibe audience!

Template Library Guru
You'll get the maximum 'Vibe Effect' when your VA produces visually stunning content from our Template Library.
Personal Assistant
Your VA is at your service to; check your approved content and publish within your various Vibe channels.

'Best practice' on hand, to ensure you hit your workplace digital signage goals.

With your Vibe Assistant, you’ll find that sticking to your communication plan is easy, because you can take the pressure off internal resources and allow us to coordinate, edit and publish your ongoing communication content.

Tap into communications expertise with ease

Your Vibe Assistant is already up to speed with developing great content, so there is no need to have that level of knowledge in-house. They are well versed in Photoshop, copy-writing and working with Vibe, so creating eye-catching, powerful content is second-nature!

Standard TierPlus TierPro Tier
Vibe Assistance per month*8.5 hours per month
(weekly average = 2 hours)
21.5hrs hours per month
(weekly average = 5 hours)
34.5hrs hours per month
(weekly average = 8 hours)
After hours supportAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
$1,290 +gst paid monthly
$2,940 +gst paid monthly
$4,420 +gst paid monthly

*Any unused hours within the month can be transferred to one following month only by client request.
**Invoiced in advance on the 20th of each month.

Let us lighten the load! Get in touch about Vibe Assist.  Book in a FREE chat today

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