Support Support offers 3 support options: Pay As You Go (PAYG), Total care and Premium Care.

We aim to ensure your communication channel network remains online and on-track to achieving your business objectives, for further assurance, we encourage you to add-on our Total Care or Premium Care Agreements. You can discuss upgrading or downgrading your support plan at any time with the Customer Success team ( ).

Premium Care
Total Care

6 hours of support/month and priority over all other clients. Ideal for businesses with
critical communication channels.
3 hours of support/month.
Perfect for businesses who want to get the most from their communication channel activities.
Our 'PAYG' plan is charged by the hour and ideal for
businesses who need
minimal help.
Technical Helpdesk Support*
Bespoke Online TrainingAdd-on
Regular Check-ins
Quarterly Strategy Sessions 
Screen Up-time Monitoring
After-hours supportAdd-onAdd-on

*For Pro and Enterprise plans, technical helpdesk support is available via Email, Telephone and LiveChat. For our Free plan, support is available via LiveChat.
Support inclusions
Our helpdesk team are available to assist with the following technical helpdesk support requests, free of charge:
  1. Tech Support - Investigating and confirming bugs in the web portal, admin console, templates, content library, data integration and player app software
  2. Remote Hardware Support (for hardware supplied by that is still covered under warranty)
    e.g. Operating hardware (foil, screen or computer) supplied by us, which may include;
    1. Checking logs for screen up-time details
    2. Remote management and Monitoring (i.e. TeamViewer, VPN maintenance and checking) -  Premium Care only
    3. Remote 'save and sync', 'deleting' slides and checking that all slides are downloading in full
    4. Altering start-up scripts as required
    5. Troubleshooting false touches
  3. Digital Signage Software - Firmware upgrades and Vibe App releases - Total Care & Premium Care only

Helpdesk Support

This section outlines what tasks can our Helpdesk support you with.  Performing these tasks at your organisations request and any billable support will be quoted beforehand.
  • Development
    • Custom API feeds, New or revised slide design
    • Maintenance, design and development related to altered data feeds, OS updates, new requirements
  • Client supplied 3rd party feeds
    • Maintenance, design and development related to altered data feeds (i.e. advanced or custom slides, new data fields, etc)
  • Updates/Changes/Support
    • Creation of new content on behalf of, or requested by the client (Via Email, Live-Chat, Phone, Support ticket)
    • Fixing settings or issues that have been caused by a client making changes after client approved/signed-off project
    • Changes on any existing slides, content, text, copy, image, playlist or schedule in the client's environment. Includes both design and front-end integration required to complete changes.
    • Adding, changes and re-organisation of new member/user accounts, updating playlists, schedules, categories
    • Training
    • Monthly Check-ins
    • Quarterly Strategy Sessions
    • Screen Uptime Monitoring
  • Hardware Support
    • Any support regarding operating 3rd party hardware (such as screens not supplied by us)
    • Support for audio settings with either Screen or Speakers hardware
    • Reissuing/supplying IP addresses previously supplied
    • Investigating white-listing/black-listing of IP addresses in Firewalls
  • Custom Slides
    • Updates required to fix broken slides due to altered data feeds; resupplied by the client, or sourced through a 3rd party
    • Updates required to fix broken slides due to changes made by the client in error
  • Digital Signage
    • Information Bar (Fixing bad syntax, the spacing of text, correcting wrong characters. (use Letters, Numbers and the following characters only ...!@#$%&*()_+...  )


How the support team tracks, logs and invoices for support time for your requests. Individual support requests are logged with a 15-minute minimum time, with a per-minute rate after this.
  1. Time logged in excess of your Inclusive time, is charged at an hourly rate.
  2. Unused Inclusive time does not carry forward, or transferred, by default.
  3. Technical issues need to be reported and logged against your support agreement , but this is for reference only - they are not charged. (see Subscription Inclusions)
  4. Job reports and any time in excess of your Inclusive time is invoiced after the 20th of each month.
  5. There are 2 ways that our support team will track/log their time for exclusions, this will be either.
A quote for support time will be submitted for approval, and invoiced at after completion.
Increments of support 'time' will be logged in our time tracking software to complete your requests, and invoiced after the 20th of each month.

Support hours

  1. Weekdays Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm (New Zealand Standard Time). Note: New Zealand Public Holidays are observed. Some of our team observe Australian Public Holidays.
  2. On-site (at your location) and/or after-hours support (remote/onsite), is not included in our support plans. 
  3. Support requested to be carried out at your location, or outside our normal days/hours will be quoted for. 


Development will always be quoted and isn't generally considered 'support'. A PO (Purchase Order) Number will be requested before we proceed. This is because the task must go through our development lifecycle (IE: Briefing, Planning, Development, Testing 1, Testing 2, Sign-Off, Deployment).  An estimate or fixed quote will be outlined as: 1/4 Day, 1/2 Day or Full Day cost.
If your organisation requires a PO number for invoices, please help us out by providing this when you contact us, so that there are no delays.
To discuss your specific support needs, please contact
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