To help your Vibe content publishers stay 'on brand', add a Watermark in your Theme, that will be applied to all slides by default, when a slide is newly installed and also when 'Theme on' is selected within the attributes. But as all Vibe Communication slides are editable, you can also individually customise the attributes to suit your content.

Design requirements

  1. Visual Ideas
    1. Repeating pattern using your icon
    2. Full Colour Logo at 10% opacity
    3. Reversed Logo at 10% opacity
    4. Brand Icon or supporting Shape
  2. File Format
    1. PNG (Preferred file type with transparency)
    2. Gif
  3. Sizes (download our Watermark Samples to get started)
    1. Small images will repeat across your screen
      • Experiment with a size of 100 x 100 pixels

    2. Large images will 'fill' your screen, without repeating
      • Landscape = 1920h x 1080w pixels
      • Portrait =1080h x 1920w Pixels
      • Landscape and Portrait = 1920h x 1920w pixels

Upload your file

  1. Login to the Admin console
  2. Go to ยป Digital Signage / Settings / Themes
  3. Use the Watermark field to select your preferred image
  4. Preview a Slide to see your changes
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