What can the Vibe communication platform communicate?

What can the Vibe communication platform communicate?

Staff facing or internal displays

Wondering what content to put where for maximum impact?

  • Business Performance Data
    e.g. Power BI, SharePoint, Outlook 365, Yammer, Halo Bi, Google Sheets, etc
    Project goals, sales data, churn rate, top performers, etc. View our range of data visualisation layouts.
    Perfect for employee working areas such as call centres, open plan office space or meeting
    areas because this information is designed to motivate and keep employees in the loop
    about what’s going on. This can be to do with business performance, social events and
    updates relating to anything from building security through to employee benefits
  • Internal Social Networks
    Integrate your content from systems like Yammer and Workplace into your Vibe channel
  • Message Boards
    • Motivating messages of support and thanks from customers or HOD feedback
    • General Notices
    • Health & Safety
    • Training information
    • Company Focus (align your messaging to the current internal focus, e.g. productivity, customer service, etc)
  • Team Profiles
    • Who's who? Key contacts
    • New team members
    • Anniversaries
    • Award Winners
    • 'Caught Being Good'
    • Staff Acknowledgements

Public/Internal Displays

  • Social Media Mashup
    Seamlessly connect your social media content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Share moderated content, promote internal & public hashtags and engage your viewers
  • Company branding and promotion of products and services
    Waiting areas like lobbies and receptions or anywhere that first impressions count,
    such as board rooms and meeting rooms suit this content. You may even consider a
    customised welcome sign in your entrance area (e.g. behind reception desk or in board rooms)
  • Engaging infotainment streams News, weather, sports, traffic, etc. 
    This content will be of interest to all audiences because it ‘mixes it up’ with corporate information and helps hold interest and therefore can be displayed in both employee and customer-facing areas

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