Windows Azure: Outlook 365 calendar

Windows Azure: Outlook 365 calendar

This document assumes that you are already signed up for Windows Azure. To sign up, go to . You may be asked to  enter a credit card number, but we don't need you to do anything which costs money, so you won't be charged.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Azure Active Directory
  3. Click Properties and note down the Tenant ID

  4. Open App registrations > New application registration
    1. Enter a name (e.g. Contegro Events)
    2. Set Supported account types to Accounts in any organizational directory
    3. Enter as your Redirect URI, keeping the type as Web
    4. Click [Create] and note down your Application (client) ID
  5. Click the API Permissions link on the side menu
    1. Click Add a permission
    2. Click Microsoft Graph
    3. Click Delegated Permissions
    4. Tick the offline_access permission
    5. Expand the Calendars item, and tick the Calendars.Read permission. If you are going to allow your application to read events from a shared calendar, please also tick Calendars.Read.Shared permission.
    6. Click the Add permissions button down the bottom
  6. Click the Certificates & Secrets link on the side menu
    1. Click the New client secret button
    2. Enter Vibe calendar access as your description, and select Never as your expires option
      Click the "Copy to clipboard" button and note the client secret value

  7. Email your Tenant ID, Application ID and Client Secret values to and wait for confirmation that this information has been entered in your portal.

Shared calendar setup

Our system can support you to read events from a shared calendar. The following diagram shows the relationship among normal employee accounts, shared calendar, account that has read only access to the shared calendar and your registered application.  

In this case, you need to:
  1. Enter the shared calendar email address (e.g. into our global module settings dialog
  2. Click Authenticate button and use your account (or a service account that you create for Vibe) to authenticate your app. Your account/service account should have read access to the shared calendar.

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