Windows Azure: Yammer API

Windows Azure: Yammer API

Step 1 - Create a Yammer app

  1. Login into your office 365 account and register a Yammer app at:
  2. Enter the following details:
    "Application Name"
    "Support e-mail"
    "Redirect URI" - Please enter: 
When you create an app, this app will be linked to the Yammer network related to your user account. This is the network you will use to access, edit, and test your application. 
1) You may want to use a service account when registering your app at i.e. “” - This will ensure your app continues to work if you or the app creator leaves the company. 
2) When setting up the API service account, use a service account with the required privileges to access the data of all the Yammer groups which they are pulling data from. 

Step 2 - Connect your data to your Vibe

  1. Login to the admin console
  2. Select 'Global Module Settings' in the Contegro Start menu

  3. Open the Yammer API global setting

  4. Enter your Client ID & Client Secret
  5. Select the [Authenticate New User] option to login to your Office 365 account
    Note: Please check that pop ups are not blocked in the browser you are using to access the admin console

  6. Choose one or more Yammer groups to share on Vibe
    NB: The highlighted groups will be available for selection when new 'Yammer' slides are created in the portal.
Email to confirm that step 1 & 2 above are complete. We will notify your content team and work with them to create the Yammer slides in

Step 3: Create/Manage your slide

When steps 1 & 2 are complete, content managers can login to the portal and create one or multiple "Yammer" slides.

Create a Yammer slide

  1. Login to your portal 
  2. Create a new slide using the Social Media template
  3. Select your Yammer feed
    NB: If you cannot see the Yammer feed you're looking for, please check the global module settings in the admin console
  4. To go live, add your slide to one or more playlists

Design Considerations

  1. Add a default Yammer image for text only posts or Polls

    1. Create new graphics @ 703 w x 244 h (pixels), JPG, 72dpi
      TIP: Refer to the default JPGs attached to this article
    2. Send the new images our support team so they can update your Social Media template
  2. Customise the background image
    1. Confirm the resolution of your Vibe display and create a new image.
      e.g. Common sizes: Landscape (1920 w x 1080 h pixels, JPG, 72dpi) or Portrait (1080 w x 1920 h pixels, JPG, 72dpi)
    2. Login to your portal and edit your Yammer slide
    3. Edit the background image
  3. Tailor the layout of your slide
    1. Choose from one of the 5 default layouts in the slide settings

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