Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks

If you are using a Windows player, we recommend setting up the following scheduled tasks. These settings are necessary to prevent memory bloat on Windows, Chrome, and other background tasks on your computer.

For remote management, we recommend installing TeamViewer on your machine. This will allow our support team and/or your IT team to access the device remotely if needed.

Scheduled Reboot at 3AM

  1. Open Task Scheduler on Start

  2. Click Create Basic Task

  3. Set a name on the new task We recommend DigitalSignage-CloseWindows. Click Next

  4. Set to Daily. Click Next

  5. Set a time. We recommend 3:00AM. Recur every 1 days. Click Next

  6. Set to Start a Program. Click Next

  7. Write the following commands. Click Next

  8. Tick Open the Properties Dialog for this task when I click Finish. Click Finish

  9. On the Properties > General, enable Run with highest privileges and set Configure for Windows 10

  10. Click OK

Click Run on the Actions sidebar to test if the action works

The Windows Logon Bypass must be tied in with this task for the restart to work seamlessly

Bypass Windows Logon Screen

  1. Search Netplwiz on the Start Menu
  2. Untick Users must enter a username and password to use this computer
  3. Enter your password

  4. Click OK, then OK again

Restart the computer and check if the computer doesn't ask for the password

Add Digital Signage to Startup

  1. Go to Start and search Digital Signage
  2. Right click and click Open File Location

  3. Copy the Digital Signage shortcut

  4. Go one folder up, and click Startup
    C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

  5. Paste the shortcut
Restart the computer and check if the Digital Signage player opens on boot

Add a Scheduled Close of Chrome and Digital Signage

  1. Go to Start Menu and search Task Scheduler

  2. Click Create Basic Task

  3. Enter a new task name. Please use:
    • DigitalSignage-CloseSignage
    • DigitalSignage-CloseChrome

  4.  Click Next.  Set the task to Daily. Click Next

  5. Set at 9PM. Click Next

  6. Select Start a Program. Click Next

  7. Download the attached '.bat' files in the folder
    • CloseDigitalSignage.bat
    • CloseChrome.bat
  8. Select the files. Click Next

  9. Tick Open the Properties Dialog for this task when I click Finish. Click Finish

  10. Set the following:

  11. Do this for both:
    • DigitalSignage-CloseSignage
    • DigitalSignage-CloseChrome

Click Run on the Actions sidebar to test if the action works

Load Chrome on Launch

Please ensure that Load Chrome on Launch is ticked in the player settings.

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