Limited Help Centre

Client Support Service Agreements

We provide a personalised high level of support, and can add services that can further extend your communication channel effectiveness, such as; Design & Animation Services, Content Management, Uptime Monitoring, Training, and Quarterly Strategy Reviews.

Pay-as-you-need support service to ensure your communication channel network remains on-line and achieving your business objectives.
Total Care
With 3 hours of inclusive time , each month, Total Care clients can take advantage of a range of varied in-house services including: general support, content load management and design services to help you get the most from your communication channel goals. 

Total Care clients benefit, by being given priority over Base clients.
Premium Care
For clients whose communication channel is a critical element of their business. Premium Care ensures absolute priority of support over the other levels of client.

Premium Care offers 24/7 remote monitoring (for direct connection to WebOS Screens), priority support response times and 6 hours of inclusive time, each month .
Terms and  Definitions
  • Support is defined as assisting you to effectively operate your software.
  • Individual support requests are logged with a 15-minute minimum time, with a per-minute rate after this.
  • Time logged in excess of the inclusive time, is charged at an hourly rate.
  • Unused time does not carry forward, or transferred, by default.
  • Technical issues such as system failures, bugs or defects are not considered as support issues.
  • Technical issues need to be reported and logged agaisnt your support aggreement, but this is for reference only - not charged.