2 - Benchmarking (Why it's important)

2 - Benchmarking (Why it's important)

How you measure success comes down to what your key objectives are. 

Our recommendation is to list the top 3 outcomes you want Vibe.fyi to achieve, consider how you will measure these outcomes then take a before and during snapshot.
Here are some examples of how our customers have measured successes and their outcomes:

Benchmarking surveys

If you are running a regular employee engagement survey, get a benchmark of ‘Before Vibe’ on 3 or 4 key questions and then a benchmark 1 month, 3 months and 6 months later ‘With Vibe’. The key here is asking the right questions in the right way. 
Before you launch your Vibe channel, we recommend speaking with your heads of department, stakeholders and holding a company-wide survey to better understand the needs of your audience. Your benchmarking survey can ask specific questions about:
  • Your viewers understanding (or knowledge) of the content and topics you'll be featuring on your Vibe channel
  • How they feel about the current communication strategy/culture
  • Where they feel the communication gaps are in your organisation
  • Their general feeling about introducing a visual communication channel into your workplace

Identify your key drivers

(e.g. internal job applications, employees referring friends and family about job positions)
With Vibe, promote the job opportunities and encourage employees to be advocates. Use QR codes so employees can apply via their mobile device. Note down whether you see an increase in internal job applications.

Measure success based on feedback

In turn, you will be able to use the responses to:

  • Categorise and plan your content
  • Let your viewers know you understand their needs
  • Promote positive changes in your company culture
  • Align your entire organisation and help them understand where they fit
  • Encourage engagement with your visual channel
  • Successfully deliver the Vibe effect results to your stakeholders
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