5 - Create an optimal playlist

5 - Create an optimal playlist

When planning your content, think about your existing playlist and be strategic about what you keep/archive.

Whether it's your first time creating a playlist or you're making some changes, keep the following in mind:

  1. Alternate your internal comms with infotainment and news streams (managed by Vibe.fyi Ltd). Break up the 'key internal messaging'  with informative entertainment that's  designed to be ever-changing and to engage your viewers. 
  2. Optimal playlist for the:
    1. Staff breakout area or lunchroom is 12 minutes
      Your playlist duration should be between 10-13 minutes.  This gives employees with a 30-minute lunch room break, the opportunity to see your entire playlist an estimated 2.5 times.
    2. Lobby or entrance area is 1 to 5 minutes
      With very little viewing time expected in these locations, a shorter playlist is advised.
    3. Waiting Room is 1 to 5 minutes
      A waiting room playlist is 8 minutes – as a typical wait-time is varied from 5-20 mins
  3. Keep it fresh 
    Update or change wording and/or imagery about every seven weeks to avoid content becoming stale
  4. Repetition needs to be selective
    Rather than repeating all slides in the same playlist, just select 1-2 high priority items (such as Health & Safety messages) to be displayed more often than others as it will help speed up message recall.
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