Your Playlist Manager is the key to sharing/reviewing content across all of your workplace digital signage devices, screensaver & webview channels.
Better business performance starts with a good company 'Vibe'. Use these free Digital Signage Content Resources to learn how to best structure your content and form a 'power learning strategy' to improve the long term retention of key learnings.

Organise your content

Preview content

Use the inbuilt webview or copy link option to preview your playlist. This will help you to get an overall view of the content in your playlist.
  1. In list view or the playlist editor, click the Playlist preview icon  to select from one of the following options:
    1. Fullscreen - Preview your playlist using the inbuilt webview player
    2. Copy Link - Once selected, confirm this option by clicking [Copy] in the alert window then paste the URL into a new browser tab.

  1. The inbuilt playlist viewer may take up to an hour to accurately reflect any changes to your playlist.
  2. The Copy Link option has an expiry. When the link expires, return to the playlist manager to access a new preview URL.
  3. When previewing your playlist, click anywhere in the webview player to view the total playlist loop time, preview as (location selector) and slide list (use to skip to another slide).

Add/remove content

Check your playlist regularly to ensure that content is fresh and relevant.
  1. Open your playlist
  2. Use the arrow icon or drag-and-drop slides from the left hand panel into your playlist
  3. Use the Delete icon to remove slide content from your playlist
  1. All changes are auto saved.
  2. Deleting slides from your playlist (in the playlist editor) will remove the slide from the playlist. This action does not permanently delete your slide content.
  3. The slide list on the left hand side uses a grey highlight to indicate that the slide has been added to your playlist.

  4. Slides can be added multiple times to a single playlist. This is useful if you would like a higher repetition of your content.

  5. If you see the 'This slide has not generated yet' alert, please note that slide content can take up to 15 minutes to fully generate.

Reorder content

  1. Open your playlist
  2. Position your mouse over the reorder icon
  3. Drag-and-drop slide content to a new position

  1. All changes are auto saved.

Manage Playlists

Create a playlist

  1. Click [Create New Playlist]
  2. Enter your playlist name and click [Create]
  3. In the playlist editor, click the arrow or drag-and-drop content into your playlist.

After you create a playlist, use the editor to organise your content. When you're ready to go live, use the location manager to publish your playlist.

Copy a playlist

  1. Open the menu to view the editing options
  2. Select Copy
  3. Enter the name for your new playlist and click [Copy]
After you copy a playlist, use the editor to organise your content. When you're ready to go live, use the location manager to publish your playlist.

Delete a playlist

  1. Open the menu to view the editing options
  2. Select Delete
  3. Select [Yes, Delete] to confirm deletion
Before deleting your playlist, check to see which devices, screensaver or webview locations will be affected and remember to assign another playlist if any of the locations are still active.

Playlist Settings

Click on the plus symbol in the playlist to see the playlist option we can manage.

We are able to see what slides are added to the playlist inside the playlist and also in the header, i.e.: If we have infotainment or program slide in the playlist we can see how many slides are belongs to each category in the heading of playlist (1) as well as which slide belongs to which group, Infotainment (1) or Program (2)

Edit your playlist name and avatar

  1. Click on the Playlist name

  2. Editing the logo
  3. Click on the space provides for the logo (1) and the image editor pops up and we are able to chose an image from the site image storage
If you wish to upload a picture from you device click on the camera icon (2) and upload an image.

Assign your playlist to a location

When we click on the manage location in playlist we can see the location list that we can assign the playlist.

If there is no location assigned to a playlist the playlist will show in a grey shade (If the playlist is assigned to a location using schedule it will not show in grey), eg:-

If a slide is assigned to a playlist and the playlist is assigned to a location (a) , but the slide items inside the slide are not assigned to that location (a) , The location will not download the playlist or the location wont show anything in the screen regarding the slide.

Who can Access the Playlist

The permissions for the playlist can be assigned in the playlist itself. Click on the plus button on the playlist, we can see "Manage permission" this option decide who can see/edit the playlist.
ie - This Playlist is only editable to users who belongs to the user group "HR".

Manage the Schedules in playlist 

We can edit a Schedule in a playlist if a Schedule is assigned to a playlist, Click on the Schedule and we can change the name and edit the schedules or assign new schedule to the playlist. Inspire webinar recording

Playlist Manager Upgrade 2022

Join Aroha, our Customer Success Lead to get a sneak peek into the Playlist Manager upgrade, which is designed to give you better visibility of the content on your screens.

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