Basic Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting


Hardware issues include the TV, digital signage player, touchfoils, internet connection. Software issue includes the data / text or images that you see on the screen. Software issues have two parts as well, i) interactive property listings or ii) presentation mode
  1. Screen is Frozen
    1. Restart the Player
      1. Turn the player off by pushing the Power button or turn the switch off at the power point.
      2. Wait at least 10 seconds
      3. Turn the player on by pushing the Power button or turning the switch on at the power point.
  2. The Screen is Blank
    1. Is the TV turned on? Do you see power lights? If not, please turn the TV on.
    2. Is the player turned on? If not, please press the Power Button on the small box (player) behind the screen
    3. Is the TV in the correct channel? TV sources are accidentally switched sometimes. It can be switched to HDMI, PC, RGB, or USB. Please cycle through the TV sources until you see the correct view.
  3. The Screen is not Interactive
    If you see something in the background, but it's not responding to your touch, please do the following pre-checks:
    1. Interactive Pre-checks: Touch the screen with 1 finger
    2. Touch the screen with 2 fingers
    3. Touch the screen with your palm
    4. Touch on different points of the foil
    5. Check if there is a specific section that is responding to touch
  4. Questions to answer:
    1. Is there a minimum 10mm gap between the display and the window around the full circumference?
    2. Is the ribbon cable seated properly?

    3. Is the touchfoil clean on the i) inside and the ii) outside of the screen?
    4. Are there insects, dust, or water that has become in-between the foil & the glass?
    5. Do you see any nicks in the touchfoil wires?
  5. Solutions to apply are:
    1. Clean the outside glass window with a damp microfiber cloth, then make sure to wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth
    2. Clean the touchfoil with a dry microfiber cloth on the inside of the glass window (Do not use a 'spray-n-wipe' chemical spray)
    3. Ensure the ribbon is properly attached to the connections
    4. Adjust the touchfoil calibration
    5. If there are 'nicks' or 'insects' between the glass & touchfoil, contact our support team
  6. The Screen isn't Updating (It's showing an Offline Alert)
    Please coordinate with someone onsite when troubleshooting network issues. These cannot be resolved remotely
    1. Is the WiFi turned on? Are there any other devices that cannot connect to the internet? If not, please turn on the WiFi
    2. Is the network cable seated properly in the player? If not, please push the cable inwards the network slot 


If you have missing images, videos, maps, agent text or any data in a listing or agent profile, please check your property software first.

  1. Check if the XML file sent has the correct data. If not, amend the field in your software
  2. Wait for 2 hours for the next scheduled sync.
  3. If the XML file is correct, the sync has run and hasn't fixed the issue, contact our support team.

Generally, restarting the screen resolves the issue, but knowing the cause will help future troubleshooting. Please send any information and supporting photos/videos to our support team.

If restarting the screen hasn't resolved the issue, your service desk team can connect and troubleshoot the screen remotely.

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