IP Whitelisting

IP Whitelisting

All steps below can be actioned by your Vibe administrator (Enterprise plans only). If you want to access this feature or you require an admin login, please email support@vibe.fyi.
IP whitelisting helps reduce the risk of unauthorised entry into your Vibe portal/admin console. It's purpose is to only allow access to specific IP addresses. By utilising IP whitelisting, any IP address not on the whitelist will be denied access, ensuring that only authorised individuals or systems can gain entry.

Add new whitelist rule

  1. In your admin console, open Accounts > Security

  2. Click [NEW WHITELIST RULE] and complete the settings:

    1. Whitelist Type: Admin Console, Vibe Portal, WebView Channels or Player App
    2. Name: Enter a unique name for your rule
    3. IP v4 range: Enter the IP range
  3. Click [SAVE] 
To find your Phone or PC IP address: Search for 'whatsmyipaddress.com' and check for the IPV4.
To find your Digital Signage device IP address: Use your phone or PC to connect to the network and find the public IP address.
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