Use tags to easily group and locate your slides.
Available on the Vibe Enterprise plan.

Add tags

TIP: New slides are auto tagged with the creators name and any user groups they belong to. These tags have a default light and dark grey colour.
  1. Create or open your slide
  2. In the slide editor, open the Attributes tab and scroll down to the Tags field
  3. Enter your tag name and press Enter or Tab to create and save the tag. Repeat this step to add more tags as needed.

Supported characters include alphanumeric, hyphens and underscores. To rename tags, view all slides linked to a tag or change tag colours, please follow the steps in this article.

Search using tags

  1. Open Slides
  2. Start typing the tags in the search bar and select one or more tags to filter your view

When you filter your view using multiple tags, the search results will show any slides that contain at least one of the selected tags (e.g. [Health and Safety] or [HR]).

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