News List

News List

This template provides a systematic format for showcasing news stories, ensuring that important information is effectively communicated to readers

Check out this quick video to get inspired:

Create News List

Manage via web portal

  1. Create a new slide using the News List template
  2. In the slide editor > Attributes tab, select the Web Portal content source option

  3. To add your News List, click the Plus button and enter your news list items
  4. Click [Save]
  5. Repeat step 3 to add additional news list to your slide

To highlight a specific article in this instance the Visitor Registration, please utilize either the Custom sort or date order.

If you desire the notices to cycle through and emphasize each individual item, kindly choose the "shuffle" option. Please be aware that each time the slide rotates in your playlist, the highlighted item will change.

Manage via file upload (XSLX)

  1. Create a new slide using the News List template
  2. In the slide editor > Attributes tab, select the File Upload (XSLX) content source option

  3. Download the data template

  4. Use the data template (XLSX file) to add your news lists. Use separate rows to add multiple list item.

  5. Save your XLSX file locally and upload the saved file into the slide editor
  6. When you are ready to go live, add your News List slide to 1 or more playlists
 ColumnSupported Formatting
  eg -11/05/2023 (UK format)
         05/11/2023 (US format) 
  eg -11:22 AM
TitleFree format
SummaryFree format
ImageSquare JPG/GIF/PNG, 700 w x 525 h px. All other image sizes will be displayed using a pan animation.

Advanced Schedule and Screen Takeover 

Use the Advanced Schedule or Screen Takeover to preset the publish dates for your slide.

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