Screen Takeover and Advanced Schedule

Screen Takeover and Advanced Schedule

Screen Takeover

Learn how to inject a campaign slide or livestream event on screen at an exact date and time. This is ideal for Livestreaming events such as YouTube and Zoom.
If you are using the screen takeover feature to inject a livestream, follow this guide before you work through the steps below.
  1. In the slide settings, open the Attributes tab, enable the Advanced Schedule toggle and click the Screen takeover option.

  2. Click the toggle to enable screen takeover and view more options

  3. Screen Takeover settings
    1. Start Date & Time Required
    2. End Date & Time  Required
    3. All Day - Optional
    4. Repeat - Optional
      IMPORTANT: Use the 'Specific Dates' repeat setting to add multiple start times for your screen takeover throughout the same day and/or across multiple dates.
      1. 'Use base start time' toggle (enabled)
        When selected, the original start time will be applied to any dates you select. This is ideal if you want to run your livestream across multiple days at the same time.
      2. 'Use base start time' toggle (disabled)
        Select one or more additional dates/times to take over the screen. This is ideal if you want to rerun your livestream across multiple days at different times.
    5. Locations - Required
      NB: Check that your slide duration is set correctly and aligns to the screen takeover start and end times.
NB: Emergency (Full Screen) info bar alerts will take priority over an active slide screen takeover. However, the screen takeover setting in the slide editor will override playlist, schedule and standard information bar alert settings.
IMPORTANT - Your changes are autosaved.
  1. Once you set locations, your slide will be automatically injected into the selected screens/devices/webview at the exact time you've stated.
  2. You do not need to add this slide to a playlist or schedule to start publishing.

Video Tutorial

Advanced Schedule 

Need to preschedule or queue up your quiz to show repeatedly? Use the advanced scheduler settings to manage the publish dates and any repeating settings.

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