Quiz (Multi-Choice)

Quiz (Multi-Choice)

Need to create a multi-choice quiz on Vibe.fyi? Introducing the Quiz (Multi-choice) slide; it's perfect for testing and refreshing knowledge, introducing new initiatives and more.

Check out this quick video to get inspired:

Create Quiz

Manage via web portal

  1. Create a new slide using the Quiz (Multi-Choice) template
  2. In the slide editor > Attributes tab, select the Web Portal content source option

  3. To add your quiz Q&A, click the Plus button and enter your question, up to 6 choices and select the correct choice in the Answer dropdown.
  4. Click [Save]
  5. Repeat step 3 to add additional questions to your quiz

Manage via file upload (XSLX)

  1. Create a new slide using the Quiz (Multi-Choice) template
  2. In the slide editor > Attributes tab, select the File Upload (XSLX) content source option
  3. Download the data template

  4. Use the data template (XLSX file) to add your questions, up to 6 choices and note the correct choice number in the Answer column. Use separate rows to add multiple Q&A.
  5. Save your XLSX file locally and upload the saved file into the slide editor
  6. When you are ready to go live, add your Quiz slide to 1 or more playlists
Data Formatting Notes:
ColumnSupported Formatting
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
Choice 4
Choice 5
Choice 6
Free format. Min. 1 choice.
AnswersEnter the choice number that contains the correct answer.

Content Tips

Keep them guessing!

Preload your quiz Q&A using the web portal tools and set the sort order to shuffle to randomise the order each time the slide appears onscreen.

Animated Slide Title

Add an animated slide title and/or subtitle in the Attributes tab.


Use the duration setting in the Attributes to determine how long the question, choices show onscreen and then the answer reveal

Advanced Schedule

Need to preschedule or queue up your quiz to show repeatedly? Use the advanced scheduler settings to manage the publish dates and any repeating settings.

Screen Takeover

Need to inject the quiz at a specific time? Use the screen takeover settings make sure your quiz starts on time!

Design Tips

Slide Title Background

Add a slide title and use the position, alignment and animation presets to customise the design.
Want to create your own slide title background? Download and use the attached 700x288 transparent PNG as a guide.

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