Start using Vibe like a pro!

Start using Vibe like a pro!

We're super excited to get you started and using Vibe like a pro. Hint: It’s super simple!

Watch the quick Vibe Product Tour

Maximise what you can achieve with

Watch the Getting Started series

These short video tutorials below are a great, fast way to get up to speed on using Vibe:


Time to log in

After watching the Vibe Getting Started tutorial series, use your login details to access your personalised Vibe portal. Then, change your password immediately after logging in successfully.
For the best experience, we recommend using any webkit browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Edge)

Use on-the-go

Make using Vibe even easier…
Then use your unique ID and portal login to sign in to the app.

Contact or call +64 9 415 9301 if you have not received a unique ID
Deliver lively and engaging messages! Fiond out how... Vibe "Pimp My Slide" series on YouTube and read the Great Content Guide.

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