Workplace Integration

Workplace Integration

Step 1: Create a custom Workplace App connects to Workplace using an 'App' and 'Access token'.  To generate the Custom App and Access token (and allow access to all or specified group content on Workplace), please follow the steps below:
  1. Login to 
  2. Open Admin Panel > Integrations and click [Create custom integration]

  3. Complete the Name and Description fields, then click [Create]

  4. In the Integration Details page, click [Create access token]
  5. Copy the token and email the details to OR login to your Vibe admin console and paste the token in to the the Social Media global module settings

  6. Next, set the app permissions:
    1. In the Integration Details menu, select Permissions
    2. In the Integration permissions section, check the 'Read group content' tickbox

    3. In the Group Permissions section:
      1. Click the Edit icon
      2. Select 'All Groups' OR 'Specific groups' and select the groups that you would like to see on Vibe
      3. Click [Save]

There will be a 10 -15 minute delay before your Workplace group(s) appear in the Social Media > Feeds settings.

Step 2: Add your Workplace feed(s)

A single feed can consist of:
  1. Posts from a single Workplace group (this is ideal if you want to your onscreen feed to focus on the posts in a specific group)
  2. A mashup of posts from multiple Workplace groups (ideal for sharing the latest posts across several groups)
If you prefer to share posts from each Workplace group in their own slide onscreen, repeat steps 2-6 below to create multiple feeds.
  1. Login to your admin console
  2. Open Add-On Modules > Social Media > Feeds

  3. In the New section, click +New Feed

  4. Use the settings to enter a feed name and use the options below to add your preferred Workplace feed settings:
    1. Single Group feed - Select Workplace and use the settings to select the group you want to add to your feed. 
      1. Multi Group feed - Repeat the single group feed steps until all of the groups have been selected.
    2. Click [Save] to close the Workplace settings
    3. Click [Save Feed]

    Step 3: Create your Workplace slide

    1. Login to your portal
    2. Create a new slide and choose your preferred Social Media template

    3. Choose Content Stream - Social Media in the Content Source dropdown

    4. Select your Workplace Mashup feed from the dropdown

    5. Add your slide to one or more playlists
    NB: There may be 10 -15 minute delay before your content shows in the slide preview
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