Social Media

Social Media

Extend the reach of your company’s social media activity to your workforce and invite staff to generate content onscreen via Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.
In addition to automatically sharing social media data in a lively and dynamic way, the Social Media templates include the option to manage content manually in the web portal or connect to other data sources like SharePoint, Google Sheets, etc.

Social Media templates


Posts from using the 'Panels' slide title layout.


Posts from with a customisable 'Graphic' slide title overlay.

Full Screen



Posts from scroll up one at a time to display multiple posts. This design gives focus to each post and has the option of duplicating the image as a background for a dramatic effect. 


Posts from, displayed in an animated carousel style layout which gives focus to the central post and additional posts on either side.

Create Slide

Setup Steps

  1. Create a new slide using your preferred Social Media template

  2. Choose your preferred content source

  3. Review the content source options below and continue the setup of your slide
  4. When you are ready to go live, add your social media slide to 1 or more playlists

Content Source Options

Social media feed 

  1. In the Content Source dropdown, select Content Stream - Social Media

  2. In the Content Stream dropdown, select your social media content stream

    Web Portal

    NB: The Social Media (Fullscreen) template does not currently support this content source.
    1. In the Content Source dropdown, select Web Portal

    2. To add content, click the + button and use the content editor settings (optional image, summary and author fields) to create your posts
    3. Optional - To pin your post, select YES in the 'Pin To Top' dropdown
    4. Click [Save]
    5. Repeat steps 2-4 to add more posts

    File Upload (XSLX)

    NB: The Social Media (Fullscreen) template does not currently support this content source.
    1. In the Content Source dropdown, select File Upload (XSLX)

    2. Download the Data Template

    3. Use the data template (XLSX file) to add your posts (one row per post)

    4. Save your XLSX file locally and upload the saved file into the slide editor

    For more tips on customising your Image Gallery slides, read our article on Slide Formatting & Design

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