Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook

Create Group Access Token

Vibe uses a Social Media Mashup app to fully integrated with Workplace by Facebook. We connect to Workplace using a app and access token provided by you.
To generate the app and access token (which allows access to your group content on Workplace), please follow the steps below:
  1. Login to, open Admin Panel > Integrations
  2. In the ALL INTEGRATIONS tab, click [Create Custom Integration] and create your app for

  3. Click the [Access Token button], then copy the token.
  4. After the app is created, go to the Settings page and:
    1. Tick "Read group content" permission
    2. Tick "Specific groups" and add the groups that you would like Vibe to read posts from
When the steps above are complete, email your token to When the setup is complete, we will ask your content team to complete the steps below.

Create your 'Workplace' mashup

To connect Vibe with Workplace, you'll need to create an app and generate an access token. See steps above.

Update / Add a Workplace feed

  1. Login to the admin console
  2. Open Contegro > Add-On Modules > Social Media > Feeds
  3. Select an existing feed (on the left) to edit the settings

    OR, click [+New Feed] to create a new Workplace feed.

  4. Click Workplace in the Settings field and select the group in the pop up

  5. Click [Save Feed]

Create your 'Workplace' social media mashup slide

  1. Login to the portal
  2. Create a new slide and select the 'Social Media' template
  3. Select your Workplace feed
  4. To go live, add your slide to one or more playlists
  5. To moderate your posts, go to "Social Media Mashup" in the portal.

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