Google API - Google Sheets

Google API - Google Sheets

Our Google API module helps you to connect your Google Sheets data to your digital signage.

NB: The support team can setup and add a Google Sheets API client ID & secret on your behalf. If your preference is to manage your own Google Sheets API project, please create a new project here - Then send your client ID & secret to or login to your admin console and enter the details in the Google API global module settings.

Connect your Google Account

  1. Login to the admin console
  2. Open Contegro Start > Administration > Global Module Settings
  3. Open 'Google API'

  4. Authenticate one or more Google Accounts

If your browser has a pop-up blocker, please adjust the settings to allow the 'Google sign in' page to load.

Link to your Google Drive folders

  1. Complete the authentication steps above
  2. Open your Google Drive folder and copy the folder ID into the global settings

Hit enter or add a line break to add multiple Google Drive Folder IDs 

Tips & Tricks

Copy shared templates

  1. Open the supplied link in your browser (e.g.
  2. Click [Make a copy]

  3. Sign in with your Google Account

  4. Rename the file

  5. Move the saved file to your Google Drive folder

Delete empty cells

Remove empty columns and rows


Valid URLs can be used to insert images in your Google Sheet. We highly recommend that you host images locally on your website, a secure site or FTP folder with 'Read' permissions. To link to an image URL, enter =image("<add URL between quotations>") in the cell.


The 'Minutes to cache Google API calls' global setting determines how long it will take for documents and changes within the linked Google Drive folder(s) to be updated.

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