Data Templates

Data Templates

How to connect your data template to your slide:

  • STEP 1: Download the data template from the:
    • Vibe Portal
      After you have created your new slide, select File Upload in the Content Source dropdown.
      Click the Download button to save a copy of the data template locally.

    • Vibe Help Center
      Check out the Template Library articles to download data template examples or a blank copy that you can use to add your own data/messages/events.
  • Step 2:  Choose your preferred content source
    With data templates, you can manually upload your latest file into the Vibe Portal or centrally manage all of your data templates in Google Sheets or SharePoint.
    • File Upload - Update the file locally and save your changes. Then, upload the file to your slide.
    • SharePoint /  Google Sheets
      • Existing data integration
        • Setup a folder in Google Drive or SharePoint
        • Copy the data template (XLSX) into your new folder
        • In the admin console, add the folder path to your API settings
          (read more Google Sheets or SharePoint)
        • In the Vibe portal
          • Select your data source in the Content Source dropdown
          • Select your data file in the 'Data' dropdown
      • New data integration
        Chat with your Vibe Coach or the team about upgrading your subscription to include a SharePoint or Google API data integration.

Common Data Entry formats

Tips and tricks when managing your data in a spreadsheet:

Data Column Supported Formatting
Title Free format (alpha, numeric, etc)
Summary Free format (alpha, numeric, etc)
TIP: Use ALT+ENTER to add a line break

Both PNG & JPG formats are supported.

The way you reference an image file in this column will depend on the content source you have chosen:

  • File Upload: Enter "image:a_public_image_url" in the cell.
    e.g. image:

  • Google Sheets: Enter "=IMAGE(""a_public_image_url"")"
    e.g. =IMAGE("""")

  • SharePoint: Copy your images into the parent folder where your data template is saved (or a direct sub folder), then reference the filename in your XLSX file, e.g.:
    • If your image is saved in the parent folder, the filename should be entered as '<imagefilename>.<fileformat>'.
    • If your image is saved in a direct sub folder, the filename should be entered as '<subfolder>/<imagefilename>.<fileformat>'.

Set the correct slide duration

If the slide Duration field does not show "seconds per item" and the slide shows only one spreadsheet row at a time, we need to set a duration value that covers all spreadsheet rows. The steps to find the correct duration value are as below:

  1. Find a spreadsheet row that will take the longest time to show on the slide
  2. When the slide starts showing the content of that row, monitor the clock to measure the time until the slide animation completes.
  3. Enter the counted seconds into the slide Duration field.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Slide not updating?
    Check the name of your sheet and try renaming it to 'Sheet1'

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