Manage Schedules

Manage Schedules

With Vibe, you can easily manage where and when your content is published using a combination of the playlist manager and slide advanced scheduling (or screen takeover) technology.

However, if you're looking for a way to share multiple playlists and slides on specific days or at set times, try the inbuilt day part scheduler to schedule content.



By default, all active schedules are listed in the Schedules tab.

Hovering in the Pin Icon will show where the schedule is assigned to which Location



  1. Go to Menu -> Schedules

  2. To create or edit schedules:
    1. Click + New Schedules

    2. Or duplicate an existing schedule 

    3. Or click the Edit Icon 
  3. Assign a name to the new schedule

    or click the Edit icon

  4. Assign the new schedule to a location

    Note: Selecting locations with assigned schedules will override the setting
     are assigned schedules,  are assigned playlists

  5. Setup your running schedule. The multiple ways of setting up your schedule are:
    1. Assign a default Playlist or Slide to run for the whole day

    2. Use previous day's set schedule to duplicate the previous day's schedule

    3. Drag and drop Playlists or Schedules into your time slot

      NOTE: Default playlists/slides will continue to play throughout the day unless a playlist or slide is added to a specific time slot.


      1. When adding playlists to the scheduler, you do not need to add the same playlist to each time slot. If you add a playlist to the 6am slot on Monday and another playlist in the 12pm slot on the same day. The 6am playlist will continue to play up until 12pm.
      2. You can add multiple playlists to a half hour time slot.

  6. Click Save


KEY INFO: The default time between syncs is 5 minutes. All saved changes will appear on your digital signage when a full sync has run. 

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