1 - Align & Define your Vibe Team

1 - Align & Define your Vibe Team

We are launching our visual communication channel and we are looking for content contributors!

  • Are you passionate about producing and publishing fresh visual content on a regular basis?
  • Do you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to what's happening in our organisation?

We need you! 

Ok... You may not find your team using the ad above, but here are a few tips for aligning and defining your Vibe.fyi team:

Establish your digital communication channel objectives 

Before we kick off your Vibe.fyi onboarding, prepare your team by holding a discussion about your goals for Vibe.fyi or use the questions below as part of your discussion:

  1. What are the key outcomes that the business unit is looking to achieve with a digital channel?
  2. What will the success of the Vibe.fyi look like to you and your team?
  3. How will you measure success?
  4. (If you have a content plan in place) How well does the planned Digital Channel content align with achieving your business objectives?

Define your Vibe team

  • Hardware Support
    Hardware install, device monitoring, network reconnection, etc.
    If you receive a downtime alert or your screen stops syncing, who can you contact in your team to assist?
  • Marketing / Graphics Team
    A brand ambassador extraordinaire who has their finger on the pulse when it comes to aligning the presentation of your content with your brand guidelines.
    Here's an example of how to brief your team when requesting graphics for your Vibe channel:
    • Screen Orientation: e.g. Landscape or Portrait
    • Screen Resolution: e.g. 1920 x 1080 | 16:9
    • Individual graphics: Min. 800px
    • Image Format: JPG
      To help you visualise how the graphics may be used, check out the Vibe Template Library or share your WebView/screensaver URL with them so they can see what you currently share onscreen
  • Curator/Researcher 
    The ability to get the latest supporting information is vital. Who do you know that has their finger on the pulse across all your teams and can get the content needed to keep your audience up-to-date?
    Taking a large document and breaking it down into snackable 'bite-sized' blurbs that provide the audience with enough, but not too much, information is key. Does anyone come to mind?
  • Editor
    You need a planning/coordinating star who makes sure that the content plan is well executed, on time and relevant.  Who can you enlist as the gatekeeper between the writer and your Vibe viewers?
  • Photographer/Videographer 
    Producing engaging visual content requires imagery to support or replace text and tell a story.  Videos can bring to life, in seconds, what a well-written blurb cannot.  Keep an eye out for the person/people in your organisation who know their way around a camera and can produce or source the media you need to keep your audience engaged!
  • Social Media savvy 
    Want to engage with the audience using a hashtag or create a mashup of all your Social Media content? You'll want someone who has a passion for Social Media and the ability to put together a strategy

Do you have someone in mind to manage Vibe? It's important that you check their capacity and align your goals to ensure that they can set/meet your visual communication objectives.
Need Help? Think you may need to hire a new employee or outsource?
Contact us about our VibeAssist options. We have a team who can help your visual comms channel come to life. We will get your channel up-and-running while you search for the right people to join your internal Visual Comms team. 

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