Slide Ideas

Countdown to your next event! 
  1. Conference start date
  2. Project deadline
  3. Date of office move
  4. Project launch
  5. Social club event
  6. So many options!
Check out this quick video to get inspired:

Create your slide

This slide is so simple to setup. Just a dd a title, set the event date and consider adding optional rotating messages to engage viewers and build-up the anticipation.
  1. Slide Title: Word count approx. <20 words
  2. Date: DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS - use this format to add the date and time of the event
  3. Rotating Text (required - minimum 1 message): Word count approx. <40 words per message

Rotating text tip - Use the web portal for a small number of messages or try the data template to manage bulk messages.

Design Guide

Make this slide your own with these settings:
  1. Background (image)
  2. Bubble Animation 
  3. Layout Alignment (use this setting to change the position of the Countdown)

Data Template tips

Follow these easy steps to manage your messages in an XLSX spreadsheet.
Step 1:  Download the data template  from your slide portal
Step 2:  When editing your XLSX file, use the tips below to ensure that your data is formatted correctly:
 Column   Supported Formatting
Rotating Text Required Free format
Recommended Reading:
Vibe Data Templates  (for tips on how to download and connect your data to a slide)

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