Manage Social Media Feeds

Manage Social Media Feeds

    This article covers Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.
    See Data Integrations for more information on Yammer & Workplace.
    Before you create a feed, ensure that your administrator has successfully connected your social media accounts to
    1. Login to the admin console
    2. Open Add On Modules > Social Media > Feeds

    3. Click New Feed
    4. Use the settings to define your social media mashup feed
      1. Name - Enter a unique recognisable label for the social feed
      2. Number of Items - Limit the total number of posts to show
      3. Include Image Posts - Enable to include photos on the feed
      4. Include Text Only Posts - Enable to include text posts on the feed
      5. Hide Retweets and Reposts  - Enable to hide retweets (Twitter) and reposts (Instagram)
      6. Status - Select the status of the feed (Active, Inactive)
      7. Settings - Select to include Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts
        1. Facebook
          1. Select an authenticated account
          2. Select the type of posts to show on the feed
            1. Authenticated account's posts
            2. Authenticated account's photo album
            3. Posts from a Facebok page
            4. Photo album from a Facebook page
        2. Instagram
          1. Select the Type of posts to show
            1. Username - a username account
            2. Hashtag - a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#)
            3. Tagged Location - a specific tagged location
            4. Map Point - a specific map (longitude & latitude) point. Set the radius around this map point to to make it more or less accurate
          2. Include Number of Likes - enable the count of 'likes' in a post
          3. Include Comments - enable the comments to show on the post. This will result in more API calls, and may affect the performance of the system. Please use only when necessary
        3. Twitter
          1. Select the Type of posts to show
            1. Username - a username account
            2. Hashtag  - a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#)
            3. Map Point  - a specific map (longitude & latitude) point. Set the radius around this map point to to make it more or less accurate
            4. Search - posts based on a search
            5. Hide Replies - enable to not show the tweet replies 
    1. Click Save Feed

    There's a limit on the number of different hashtags that you can do a search for. If you search for more than 30 different hashtags in a 7 day period, future hashtag searches won't work. Please be mindful of this when adding new feeds.

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