Data (Multi-Bubble)

Data (Multi-Bubble)

Forget static BI dashboards! Use the Data-MultiBubble template to share relevant info only and bring your data to life.

Data Template tips

Step 1: Download the data template from your slide portal.

Step 2: When editing your XLSX file, use the tips below to ensure that your data is formatted correctly:
SheetColumnSupported Formatting
Bubble Data


Bubble Title

Bubble Value


Bubble Subtitle

Bubble Subvalue

Left Rectangle Title

Left Rectangle Value

Right Rectangle Title

Right Rectangle Value

Free Format


Bubble Value Status

Bubble Subvalue Status

  • Leave blank to display the Bubble Text colour

  • Enter 'Negative' or 'Positive' to display the related text colour



Slide Title

Slide Subtitle

Free Format
NB: The slide title/subtitle in the slide editor (Attributes) will override the Excel settings.

Press ALT+ENTER to add a line break in the cell.
Recommended Reading:
Vibe Data Templates (for tips on how to download and connect your data to a slide)
Common Data Entry Formats (for more information on managing your data)

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