Data (Plot)

Data (Plot)

Create a Data (Plot) slide

Manage via web portal 

  1. Create a new slide using the Data (plot)
  2. In the slide editor > Attributes tab, select the Web Portal content source option
  3. To add your data to then Graph list item, 
      1. Select Graphs 

        Click the Plus button and use the Label, Bar value and Live value to add your content
      2. Note - 

        1. Live valueThe number indicate the value of the line drown on top of the graph 
        2. Bar value This indicate the height of the bar graph
  4. To add your data to then Settings list item,
    1. Select the Settings

      Click the Plus button to add the setting
    2. Fill out the values for the settings 

  5. Click [Save]
  6. Repeat steps 3,4 and 5 to add more list item.

Manage Via file upload (XSLX)

  1. Create a new slide using the Data(Plot) template
  2. In the slide editor > Attributes tab, select the File Upload (XSLX) content source option
  3. Download the data template
  4. Use the data template (XLSX file) to add your Dials in the slide. Fill the spreadsheet.
    1. Graph column - 
    2. Settings Column -

  5. Save your XLSX file locally and upload the saved file into the slide editor
  6. When you are ready to go live, add your Data (Plot) slide to 1 or more playlists
The default spreadsheet has a separate sheet for the Graphs information - to populate the left side of the slide, and the Settings information - to populate the small and large bubbles on the right hand side of the slide.
The Line Value Prefix (e.g. $) on the Settings sheet is required for the line to appear on the left-hand chart.
SheetData Column Supported Formatting
GraphsLabelRequiredFree format e.g. Dec-16
 Bar ValueRequiredNumeric
 Line ValueRequiredNumeric
SettingsSmall Bubble ValueRequired Numeric
 Small Bubble LabelRequired Free format
 Large Bubble ValueRequiredNumeric
 Large Bubble LabelRequiredFree format
 Line Value PrefixRequiredSymbol, e.g. $

Content Tips


Use the duration setting in the Attributes to determine how long each dial stays onscreen before showing more.

Advanced Schedule and Screen Takeover 

Use the Advanced Schedule and Screen Takeover to share your slide onscreen at a specific time.


Transform your slides with ease! Check out our article for simple and effective tips on customizing your slides - Text, Graphics & Themes Designer

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