Graph Goals

Graph Goals

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    Data Template Tips

    The template contains the following columns for entering your Graph-Goals data:

    1. Project Title (required) - List your projects
    2. Project Owners (optional) - 
    3. Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy) (required) - Enter the actual project start date
    4. Due Date (dd/mm/yyyy) (required) - Enter the actual project due date
    5. Percent Complete (required) - Share how far along the project is using a percentage value (between 0 - 100)
      TIP: When you set an end date, the project will move to the "Finished Last Month" section. If you want the project to stay in the main list, please leave the End Date cell empty.
    6. Roadblock / Comment (recommended) - Enter a snackable summary of any roadblocks or comments regarding the project


    Column names should not be edited or removed. Leave cells blank rather than remove them.

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