License Manager

License Manager

All tasks below can be actioned by your Vibe administrator (Growth & Enterprise plans only). If you are subscribing to the Starter plan or you require an admin login, please email for assistance.
To reuse or transfer an existing licence to a new device, see Remove Device Association.

Manage Digital Signage Licenses

Add License

Before installing your digital signage device, you need to add a licence. Once in use, each licence is unique to the device it is linked to and it can only be used once.
  1. In your admin console, open Licenses from the desktop or select Devices > Licences in the menu
  2. In the Licences tab, click [NEW LOCATION]
  3. In the EDIT LOCATION section, enter a descriptive name* to identify the location of this licence and update the licence settings as required
  4. Click [SAVE LOCATION]
To configure the player app settings on your digital signage device, you'll need:
- Your site URL (e.g. https://<name> and;
- The 8-digit auth code (LG WebOS or Philips AndroidOR the username/password (Windows or Linux)
- To install Vibe app and Vibe credentials together use the WEBOS IPK URL
  1. *Your licence names and location structure are used by content creators to assign content. The licence names should be setup in a way that content creators understand where the content will show. To create a multi level structure, set your parent location to the Root Level in the Set Level field and assign all other levels accordingly.  Apply the relevant Theme, Timezone, Parent Lat/Long and Permissions to the parent location so all lower levels inherit these settings by default.
    1. Head Office (parent - apply theme, timezone, lat/long and permissions at this level for all lower levels to inherit)
      1. Level 1
        1. Sales Screen (LG)
        2. Lunchroom (Windows)
      2. Reception
        1. Video Wall
        2. 65" behind desk
    2. Distribution Centres
      1. Australia
        1. Smoko Room
      2. Singapore
        1. East Lunchroom
        2. West Lunchroom
    3. Screensaver
  2. If no playlist or schedule is assigned to the location, a "There is no content assigned to this location" message will appear onscreen at the time of installationPlaylists can be assigned in the portal or you can work with your content team to setup the schedule in the admin console and return to the licence manager to update the Schedule/Playlist setting.

Edit/View License Details

  1. In your admin console, open Licenses from the desktop or select Devices > Licences in the menu
  2. In the Licences tab, select an existing location from the tree on the left to edit / view the licence details
  3. Edit the settings as required
    Locate the 8-digit auth code (LG WebOS and PhilipsOR username/password (Windows) needed to setup and install the player app on your digital signage device
  4. Please use the WEBOS IPK URL to install the Vibe app and Vibe credentials together

  5. If you have made any edits, click [SAVE LOCATION] before closing the Devices window.

Delete License

  1. In your admin console, open Licenses from the desktop or select Devices > Licences in the menu
  2. In the Licences tab, use the tree on the left to select and ope the location that will be deleted*
  3. In the Edit Location section, click [DELETE LOCATION]
  4. Click YES to confirm deletion
Deletion is immediate and permanent. A deleted licence cannot be retrieved and the player app on the linked device will stop syncing. If you delete a licence in error, please create a new licence and update the player app settings with the new auth code or username/password.

License Settings

Set Level

For setting a hierarchy this setting is to set the parent of a location so it can inherit the property of that location. If we keep it default, license will create as a parent.


Timezone setting is to set a location to a specific time zone so that it will show slides accordingly to a location 
ie :- If there is a slide playing in New Zealand at 10 am it should not play at Australian location at the same time. Setting up a time zone will play the slide at Nz and Aus at 10 am.


Theme settings is used to set a predefined theme to specific locations. In themes we are able to set Background, Font for the slides and information bar. You can edit the theme after the location is being created.

Use Parent Lat/Long

Lat/Long toggle option is to set the exact location of the Screen is being displayed. This will help the templates that are using geolocation. Examples :- Weather, Gaspy.


You can either set the playlist or Schedule from the portal after creating the license or assign the PLAYLIST while creating.
If you assign a new playlist to the location it will take less than 15 minutes to show on your respective screens.
If there is no playlist in the synced location it will show a warning message "There is no content assigned to this location".


This settings determine who can access the location in your company.  If you leave it empty every one in you company can use it if they have license creation permission.
To select one user group in a company 
  1. Click on the people icon.

  2. Select the user group you need to add click on the small green arrow to the right to add the user group and click OK to save

  3. For managing User group please follow ARTICLE


The Webos Ipk Url is used to install the Vibe app and the vibe credentials together. 
You can copy the details from the admin directly.  Click on the Copy to clipboard option

Sample details are following

Site name:

Authcode: 12345678
Screen orientation : landscape

Example URL:

If your screen's orientation is portrait, add `&1` at the end of the URL, like this:

Linked Devices

Once your licence is in use, you will have access to additional Device options in the Licence Manager (approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour after the screen is online).

Manage WebOS Device

If you have installed a supported LG model with system-on-chip technology, you can use the [MANAGE WEBOS DEVICE] option to open the device manager and monitor/update your device remotely.
  1. Open Licences in the admin console
  2. In the Devices window, select an existing location from the tree on the left to open the licence details
  3. In the Edit Location section, click [MANAGE WEBOS DEVICE]
  4. In the Device Manager pop up, use the steps in the device manager help guide to monitor/update your device remotely

Remove Device Association

The terms of our software license state that each device requires a unique license. Once your digital signage device is connected to a licence (or location), you cannot reuse or transfer the licence unless you remove the existing device association.
  1. Open Licences in the admin console
  2. In the Devices window, carefully select a location from the tree on the left hand side to open the licence details
  3. In the Edit Location section, check that the location you're editing is linked to the device that you would like to remove and click [REMOVE DEVICE ASSOCATION]
  4. Click YES to confirm
If you remove a device in error, an auto reconnection will occur if the screen is online and syncing.

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