Room Bookings

Room Bookings

Room Bookings

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This Room Bookings slide can be included within a playlist rotation on an existing screen location, or displayed on a dedicated Wayfinding screen.
It shows events (or room bookings) for 'Today' only and will use screen settings to determine the correct day/time. Complementary to our events based slides, events will stay onscreen until the end of the booking time.
All events that are 'On Now' are highlighted clearly for the viewer. A visual indicator will also indicate if there are "no bookings" - from either the room having no bookings for the day, or when the bookings have finished for the day. Fields allow for Heading, Summary, Start/End times and date.
It accommodates up to 3 rooms, but to add more than 3 rooms, just duplicate the slide and add different room booking calendars.
This supports single day events only. If a multiple day booking is required, enter it as a single day event in Outlook and use the recurring settings to repeat over the needed days. 
  • Modern styling with a focus on event list and on-now feature.
  • Feature carousel will show all 'on-now' events.
  • Directional arrow pointer to point to the room in relation to the screen location.
  • Use the Vibe Web Portal, File upload, Google Sheets, or Calendar (Google, Outlook 365)
  • Toggle to turn on/off the Event Summary, leaving only the title.


  1. Showing 1 Room - Landscape
  2. Showing 3 Rooms - Landscape
  3. Showing 3 Rooms - Portrait
  4. This slide is designed to be very flexible with the items you have. Please consider if you have too much content in either the title or summary, as it will 'flow' off the bottom of the slide and not be seen.

Adding events: Calendar

If you have Vibe API subscription to connect Vibe to Google or Outllok, you will be able to connect to your feeds through this slide, by using the Content Source dropdown.

  • Add a Name for your Room
  • Select a relevant Content Source from the dropdown (this should link to your Google or Office 365 Calendar)
  • Choose the Direction of the arrow to point to the room location in relation to the screen

Adding events: File Upload

Download a copy of the example template locally, create a version, complete the content and reupload. You'll see content immediately within the Preview.

  • Add menu details to the Rooms tab
  • Set menu categories in the Bookings tab

Bookings tab

Room Enter the exact name used in the Rooms tab. e.g. Main Boardroom
StartDate e.g. 4/03/2021
StartTime e.g. 10:00
EndDate e.g. 4/03/2021
EndTime e.g. 12:00
Title Text field. e.g. Training for all managers
Summary Test field. e.g. Hands-on training so that you can add your content content to our Vibe communication channel. Bring your mobile phones!

Rooms tab

Name Add one Room per row. This value should be copied to your Bookings tab exactly as its entered here. This will group your events according and be used as the menu section heading in the slide and appear in the same order as they appear in the spreadsheet.
e.g. Main Boardroom

Add the name of a directional arrow pointer in relation to the screen location. An arrow will appear onscreen to point to the room. e.g. Right, Left, UpRight, UpLeft, DownRight, DownLeft



  • This supports single day events only, as our software cannot 'guess' at choosing suitable end or start times for each day of a multiple-day booking. If a multiple day booking is required, enter it as a single day event in Outlook and use the recurring settings to repeat over the needed days.

  • All fields a general 'Text' fields. If you are having issues with seeing 'patchy' data. Ensure all fields are 'Text' or 'General'
  • Is there a maximum number of items? What will show in screen is dependent on how many items you have overall on any given day. The slide is designed to not show an error, but if you have too many items that contain lengthy Titles and Summaries, you may find that some will not show, or will be cut off the bottom of the screen, until closer to the start date.
  • The slide will auto-refresh every 1 minute to remove items that are not available in the current time. However, this behaviour is only more useful for spreadsheet items than for web portal items. This is because:
    • When using a Spreadsheet - items will be loaded to the slide, and the slide will use the Day and Timeslot columns to control items' visibility.
    • When using the Vibe Web Portal - the server will control items' visibility via date, time and repeat fields, so only some items will be loaded on the slide at a time. When the player syncs (every 5 minutes) and gets a new update from the server, the player will reload the slide with new items.

Asset Downloads

Take advantage of downloading our default assets as a guide to create your own, if you wish to change them.

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