Slide Ideas

  1. Health & Safety messages
  2. Cyber Security awareness
  3. General Comms
  4. Staff recognition (Employee of the month, Long Service, Birthdays etc)
Check out this quick video to get inspired:

Create your slide

Select the 'Carousel' template and start adding your messages:
  1. Image: All Images will automatically pan however if you want your image to be still resize your image to a  Square  JPG/GIF/PNG, 700 w x 525 h px. All other image sizes will be displayed using a pan animation.
  2. Title: Word count approx. <10 words per message
  3. Summary: Word count approx. <20 words per message

Design Guide 

  1. Choose the shape that best suits your messaging
    1. Diamond

    2. Curve

    3. Slice
    4. Straight

Data Template tips

Follow these easy steps to manage your messages in an XLSX spreadsheet.
Step 1: Download the data template from your slide portal
Step 2: When editing your XLSX file, use the tips below to ensure that your data is formatted correctly:
 ColumnSupported Formatting
ImageSquare JPG/GIF/PNG, 700 w x 525 h px. All other image sizes will be displayed using a pan animation.
TitleFree format
SummaryFree format

Recommended Reading:
Vibe Data Templates (for tips on how to download and connect your data to a slide)
Common Data Entry Formats (for more information on managing your data)

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