Comments (Bubble)

Comments (Bubble)

Slide Ideas

Boost employee morale! Use your workplace digital signage to put feedback in front of your workforce.
  1. Share internal or external feedback
  2. Get creative and share jokes, facts etc
Check out this quick video to get inspired:

Create your slide

Select the 'Comments-Bubble' template and use the tips below when adding your comments/feedback/facts.
  1. Rating: Enter the value below that best suits the comment you're sharing onscreen:
    up = Thumbs up icon
    down Thumbs down icon
    * = 1 star rating
    ** = 2 star rating 
    *** =  3 star rating
    **** = 4 star rating
    ***** = 5 star rating
  2. Author: Free text field for letting everyone know who the message is from 
  3. Date: dd/mm/yyyy - Use this format to let everyone know when the comment was added or feedback received
  4. Comment: Word count approx. <50 words per message

Design Guide

  • Use the star background to select a different background colour for each comment (based on their star rating).

  • Tailor the comment bubble animation, bubble position and date display
  • Customise the thumbs up and thumbs down icons. Create new image files @ 131x131 pixels (transparent PNG) or use the attached icons as a guide.

Data Template tips

Follow these easy steps to manage your messages in an XLSX spreadsheet.
Step 1: Download the data template from your slide portal
Step 2: When editing your XLSX file, use the tips below to ensure that your data is formatted correctly:
 Column Supported Formatting
RatingRequiredup = Thumbs up icon
down Thumbs down icon
* = 1 star rating
** - 2 star rating 
*** - 3 star rating
**** - 4 star rating
***** - 5 star rating
AuthorOptionalFree format
CommentRequired Free format

NB: All cells must use the 'Text' cell format.

Recommended Reading:
Vibe Data Templates (for tips on how to download and connect your data to a slide)
Common Data Entry Formats (for more information on managing your data)

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