Comments (Bubble)

Comments (Bubble)

Slide Inspo

Use these ideas for inspiraton when creating your next slide:
  • Acknowledgements

  • Feedback
  • 'Did you know' facts

Data Template tips

Follow these easy steps to manage your messages in an XLSX spreadsheet.
Step 1: Download the data template from your slide portal
Step 2: When editing your XLSX file, use the tips below to ensure that your data is formatted correctly:
 Column Supported Formatting
RatingRequiredup - Displays a Thumbs Up icon
down - Displays a Thumbs Down icon
* - Displays a one star rating
** - Displays a two star rating 
*** - Displays a three star rating
**** - Displays a four star rating
***** - Displays a five star rating
AuthorOptionalFree format
CommentRequired Free format

NB: All cells must use the 'Text' cell format.

Recommended Reading:
Vibe Data Templates (for tips on how to download and connect your data to a slide)
Common Data Entry Formats (for more information on managing your data)

Design Guide - Animations & Transitions

  • Tailor the bubble animation, bubble position and/or date option
  • Upload your custom up/down icons
    Create new image files @ 131x131 pixels (transparent PNG) or use the attached icons as a guide.

Asset Download

Take advantage of downloading the attached ZIP file containing the default PNG assets.

Use them as a guide for creating your own or if you wish to change them.

Type: Transparent PNG

Size: 131 x 131 pixels

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