Meeting Room Signage Setup Guide

Meeting Room Signage Setup Guide

What you'll need

To set up your LG WebOS meeting room digital signage system, you will need the following:
  1. Supported LG WebOS System-on-Chip (SoC) hardware (running WebOS v3.2 and above)
    If you don't have a LG Commercial screen with WebOS 3.2 or above, no problem, we recommend using an LG WP Physical Media Player behind the screen to achieve the same result.
  2. LG universal remote control for easy navigation and control of the settings
  3. The player app installed on your WebOS device for displaying content and managing your digital signage.

Step 1: Enable Meeting Room Signage

Your supported LG WebOS device must be online and syncing. If it is offline, trying these troubleshooting tips.
When you successfully install and configure the player app (v4.0 or higher) on your supported WebOS device (v3.2 or higher), follow the steps below to enable the Meeting Room signage feature.
  1. Login to your admin console and open the Remote Management,
  2. Select your meeting room screen license.

  3. In the Device Manager, open the RUN A COMMAND dropdown and select Update meeting room signage settings
  4. Turn the Enable toggle on 
  5. In the Inputs to Check field, select the input(s) that may be used to connect a laptop or device and transition the screen from Vibe to 'presentation mode'.

  6. Go to Step: 2 Display Options below to setup Fullscreen or PiP meeting room signage display

Step 2: Display Options

Once meeting room signage is enabled (see Step 1 above), you can opt to display your presentation in fullscreen or PiP using the steps below:


In the Meeting Room Signage Settings:
  1. Full Screen - Enable the toggle to transition your commercial display from Vibe to fullscreen 'presentation mode'.
  2. Click [Update]

Picture in Picture (PiP)

In the Meeting Room Signage Settings:
  1. Full Screen - Disable this toggle to transition your commercial display from Vibe to activate PiP 'presentation mode'.
  2. Position - Set the position of your PiP presentation
  3. Size (%) - Enter a numeric value to set the size of your PiP as a percentage

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