Reconnect your offline screens

Reconnect your offline screens

Why did I receive a downtime alert?

If you have an LG system-on-chip device or a Philips Android display, you can schedule active monitoring to automatically alert you via email if your devices/screens are not syncing or receiving data.
If you receive a downtime alert and the screen does not reconnect on its own, you should take immediate action to reconnect the device. New content will not show onscreen until a reconnection is established and the app runs a successful sync.
The most common reasons you receive a downtime alert are:
  1. The network connection has dropped (or WiFi is unstable) 
  2. Your digital display has been powered off (during active monitoring times) 
  3. The source/input on your digital display has been changed (causing the player app to stop running) 
  4. The player app has lost its settings

How can I check if my screens are connected?

Use the following tools to manually check the status of your screens:
  1. Uptime Report 
    If screens are not syncing, please run the following checks.
  2. Device Manager
    If screens are not receiving data, please run the following checks.

Quick Check Guide for Offline Screens

Is your screen powered on?

If no, try powering the screen on and wait a few minutes to see if the player app starts syncing automatically.
If the screen does not power on, contact your hardware supplier.

Is your screen powered on and showing content?

If yes, this indicates that the network may have dropped. You can confirm this by pushing the BLUE button on the screen remote to view the  player app logs.
If you see logs which indicate that your screen has a network issue, try reconnecting to the assigned wireless network OR contact IT regarding your fixed connection. If you confirm that there is a wireless receiver issue, contact your hardware supplier to discuss a replacement screen.

If the network drops or the connection is lost, the player app will continue to show stored content until a reconnection is established and new content is downloaded

Is your screen showing the logo, but not syncing?

  • Push the BLUE button on the screen remote to view the  player app logs. Use this article to help you troubleshoot any errors in the app logs.
  • Push the YELLOW button on the screen remote to view the player app settings. If the settings are blank, contact your administrator to confirm the Site URL and auth code (or email

Is your screen showing the logo and a syncing status?

This indicates that your screen is attempting to run a sync. If the sync is not able to fully complete, this may mean that your network connection is unstable or weak. Try using a fixed network or a strong wifi connection.
If your network meets the requirements and the sync is failing, use this article to help you troubleshoot any errors in the app logs OR contact to confirm whether there are any slides in your playlist that need to be checked.

Is your screen blank or not launching the app?

If pushing the blue or yellow buttons on the remote does not open the player app settings or logs:
  • LG: Try pushing the Home button on the remote and searching for the Digital Signage app (or Contegro). When you locate the app, press OK on the remote to launch the app. Then push the blue button on the remote to open and check the logs.
  • Philips: Check the setup guide to ensure that the player app has been installed correctly.

Network Checks

A stable network connection is required for a continuous remote connection and content downloads. If your screen is powered on but you have lost the remote connection or content is not updating, check your network connection.

  1. We highly recommend using a fixed/wired network connection.
  2. If you using a WIFI/wireless connection, we recommend a signal strength of 60% or more
    If the wireless connection has a browser prompt, please ask the IT team to remove the prompt.


  1. Vibe Cloud - Allow port 443 & contact to confirm the server IP address or URL
  2. LG SoC Displays only
    1. For LG Firmware updates, allow
    2. Internet Uptime check for Vibe WebOS –
    3. Internet Uptime check for LG Screen – and (


If there is a known outage, wait for the wireless network to come back online and check if the device appears in the Uptime Monitor or Device Manager.
  1. If there are no known outages, use the remote to check whether the screen network settings are correct
  2. If the screen network settings are correct, but your screen is still showing as offline or not receiving data, try connecting to the same WIFI network on your mobile device and confirm that the connection is functioning as expected. If not, discuss further with IT.
  3. If the WIFI network is operating correctly, ask your IT team to check the router and also confirm that there is no limit to the number of devices that can connect (if using a public network)


If there is a known outage, wait for confirmation that the network is available and check if the device appears in the Uptime Monitor or Device Manager.

If there are no known outages, check whether the Vibe Cloud server needs to be whitelisted. If yes, please contact to request a list of IP addresses.

If the display is on and the network connection is stable, please confirm that the app is running.

Philips SoC devices

  1. Ask your onsite contact to press the Yellow or Blue button on the Philips remote.
  2. If the app settings (yellow) or app logs (blue) do not appear onscreen, talk through these steps to launch the app:
    1. On the remote, push Home + 1888 to launch admin mode
    2. Select Apps

    3. Navigate to and select [Digital Signage], then push OK on the remote to open the app

IF the app is not showing, it may not have been installed successfully, locate the player app install guide for your device here.
IF the app is launched successfully and content does not appear onscreen or the device does not appear in your Devices remote management tool (admin console) after 3-4 minutes, please ask your onsite contact to take a photo of the app logs and app settings and email them to you for further investigation.

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